[11/05 PM] Balloons of The World Championship competition takeoff at once from the launch. (Updated on 14:15)

World Hot Air Balloon Championship 2016

The competition has been held. 105 balloons takeoff at once from inside of the main launch site.

Task 25

Pilot Declared Goal / PDG

It is the game that pilots declares his or her goal before their takeoff, and they drop the marker off approaching. They need to read the direction and speed of wind with map accurately.

Task 26

Hesitation Waltz / HWZ

Target :Nagase Takagise, Saga City or Higashiyamada Yamatocho, Saga City
Balloons fly to the goal which the Event Director ordered. It is usually 4 to 6 km away from the goal. The pilots drop the marker toward the center of the target and the winner who drop to the nearest get 1000 points.


There are no flights. Thank you for your understandig.

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