About reopening of the official announcement by the internet (social media)

As it has reported by press, yesterday (Nov. 7) Saga Police has announced that they have given the notice of a person concerned about obstructions against our competitions by a post in internet webcast in Nov. 2. And also all events for the world championship have finished yesterday. As it has been scheduled before, we start information transmissions with social media again.

We are planning to resume all webcasts we operated this year including "Nico-Nico Live Webcast" for the next competitions in 2017. We will make more efforts to make balloon fans of Saga with internets and social media as effective measures to report competition status smoothly, which is often influenced by weathers.
On the other hand, we will work on making effective remedy systems for crime such like malicious posts. We appreciated to have your ideas for it and kindly asked for your continued supports.

Nov.8, 2016
2016 Saga Hot Air Balloon World Championship Organizing Committee
Saga Balloon Fiesta Offcial Web Management Team

Last Modified: 2016.11.27