SAGA Balloon Masters Cup


It has been over 30 years since the flight of hot-air-balloon started in Japan. In about 30 years, there have been many pilots and people, who support to popularize it.
There are many competitions for the hot-air-balloon in Japan. Meanwhile, for only over age of 50, 'SAGA Senior Pilot Championship' has started in 2003. It is held during the Saga International Balloon Fiesta. At the 3rd time in 2005, it renamed SAGA Balloons Masters Cup and continued until 2014.

The History and Champions of SAGA Balloon Masters Cup

200312 balloons Toshirou ISHIHARASAGA Senior Pilot Championship
200420 balloons (Overseas 6
5 countries)
Owen KEOWN SAGA Senior Pilot Championship
20056 balloons (Overseas 0) Masakazu OOIWA
20066 baloons Eiji HASHIGUCHI
20077 balloons (Overseas 1) Morihiro YABUSHITA
20089 balloons (Overseas 2) Yasunori TANAKA
200911 balloons (Overseas 3) BLACK Nigel
201010 balloons (Overseas 3) Peter BLASER
20119 balloons (Overseas 3) Morihiro YABUSHITA
201212 balloons (Overseas 5) BLACK Nigel
201313 balloons (Overseas 6) Yasunori TANAKA
201414 balloons (Overseas 4) Masanori TAKAYANAGI

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